2 Samuel 23:13

Overview - 2 Samuel 23
David, in his last words, professes his faith in God's promises to be beyond sense or experience.
The different state of the wicked.
A catalogue of David's mighty men.
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2 Samuel 23:13  (King James Version)
And three of the thirty chief went down, and came to David in the harvest time unto the cave of Adullam: and the troop of the Philistines pitched in the valley of Rephaim.

three, etc
or, the three captains over the thirty.
1 Chronicles 11:15-19
{Shalishim,} "captains," should most probably be read, instead of {shaloshim:} thirty {shalishim,} as it is in ver. 8, ; and Exodus 14:7 : where LXX. render [tristatas,] which Jerome (on Eze 33) says "among the Greeks is the name of the second rank
after the royal dignity."* the cave.
Jos 12:15 15:35 1Sa 22:1 Mic 1:15

the valley
2 Samuel 5:18 2 Samuel 5:22 1 Chronicles 11:15 ; 14:9 Isaiah 17:5