2 Samuel 5:6

Overview - 2 Samuel 5
The tribes come to Hebron and anoint David over Israel.
David's age.
He taking Zion from the Jebusites, dwells in it.
11 Hiram sends to David.
13 Eleven sons are born to him in Jerusalem.
17 David, directed by God, smites the Philistines at Baal-perazim;
22 and again at the mulberry trees.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

2 Samuel 5:6  (King James Version)
And the king and his men went to Jerusalem unto the Jebusites, the inhabitants of the land: which spake unto David, saying, Except thou take away the blind and the lame, thou shalt not come in hither: thinking, David cannot come in hither.

Genesis 14:18 ; Joshua 10:3 ; Judges 1:8 ; Hebrews 7:1

the Jebusites
Joshua 15:63 ; 18:28 Judges 1:8 Judges 1:21 ; 19:10-12

which spake, etc
Dr. Kennicott's amended translation is as follows: "Who spake unto David, saying, Thou shalt not come in hither; for the blind and the lame shall drive thee away, by saying, David shall not come in hither
" ver. 8. "And David said, Whosoever smiteth the Jebusites, and through the subterraneous passage reacheth the lame and the blind, who hate the life of David, (because the blind and the lame said, he shall not come into
the house,) shall be chief and captain. So Joab, the son of Zeriah, went up first, and was chief."* Except.
Jer 37:10

thinking, David cannot
or, saying, David shall not, etc.