Acts 28:31

Overview - Acts 28
Paul, after his shipwreck, is kindly entertained of the barbarians.
The viper on his hand hurts him not.
He heals many diseases in the island.
11 They depart towards Rome.
17 He declares to the Jews the cause of his coming.
24 After his preaching some were persuaded, and some believed not.
30 Yet he preaches there two years.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Acts 28:31  (King James Version)
Preaching the kingdom of God, and teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ, with all confidence, no man forbidding him.

A.M. 4069. A.D. 65. Preaching.
23 ; 8:12 20:25 Matthew 4:23 ; Mark 1:14 ; Luke 8:1

and teaching
5:42 23:11

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The Acts of the Apostles is a most valuable portion of Divinerevelation; and, independently of its universal reception in theChristian church, as an authentic and inspired production, itbears the most satisfactory internal evidence of itsauthenticity and truth
St. Luke's long attendance upon St.
Paul, and his having been an eyewitness of many of the factswhich he has recorded, independently of his Divine inspiration,render him a most suitable and credible historian; and hismedical knowledge, for he is allowed to have been a physician,enabled him both to form a proper judgment of the miraculouscures which were performed by St. Paul, and to give an authenticand circumstantial detail of them. The plainness and simplicityof the narrative are also strong circumstances in its favour.The history of the Acts is one of the most important parts ofthe Sacred History, for without it neither the Gospels norEpistles could have been so clearly understood; but by the aidof it the whole scheme of the Christian revelation is set beforeus in a clear and easy view.