Daniel 4:16

Overview - Daniel 4
Nebuchadnezzar confesses God's kingdom,
makes relation of his dreams, which the magicians could not interpret.
Daniel hears the dream.
19 He interprets it.
28 The dream fulfilled.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Daniel 4:16  (King James Version)
Let his heart be changed from man's, and let a beast's heart be given unto him; and let seven times pass over him.

Let his
Here a transition is made from the tree to Nebuchadnezzar, whom it represented; the tree being lost sight of, a person came in its stead. This person having lost the heart, or disposition of a man, and conceiving himself a beast, should act as such, and herd among them.

be changed
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seven times
That is, seven years, a time in the prophetic language denoting a year.
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