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Ephesians 5:12

Overview - Ephesians 5
After general exhortations to love;
to flee fornication;
and all uncleanness;
not to converse with the wicked;
15 to walk warily;
18 and to be filled with the Spirit;
22 he descends to the particular duties, how wives ought to obey their husbands;
25 and husbands ought to love their wives,
32 even as Christ does his church.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Ephesians 5:12  (King James Version)
For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.

3 ; Romans 1:24-27 ; 1 Peter 4:3

2 Samuel 12:12 ; Proverbs 9:17 ; Ecclesiastes 12:14 ; Jeremiah 23:24 ; Luke 12:1 Luke 12:2 ; Romans 2:16
Revelation 20:12
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