Exodus 23:5

Overview - Exodus 23
Of slander, false witness, and partiality.
Of charitableness.
Of justice in judgment.
Of taking bribes.
Of oppressing a stranger.
10 Of the year of rest.
12 Of the sabbath.
13 Of idolatry.
14 Of the three feasts.
18 Of the blood and the fat of the sacrifice.
20 An angel is promised, with a blessing, if they obey him.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Exodus 23:5  (King James Version)
If thou see the ass of him that hateth thee lying under his burden, and wouldest forbear to help him, thou shalt surely help with him.

If thou see
Deuteronomy 22:4

and wouldest forbear to help him or, Wilt thou cease to
help him? or, wouldest cease to leave thy business for him; thou shalt surely leave it to join with him.