Exodus 39:1

Overview - Exodus 39
The cloths of service and holy garments.
The ephod.
The breast-plate.
22 The robe of the ephod.
27 The coats, mitre, and girdle of fine linen.
30 The plate of the holy crown.
32 All is finished, reviewed, and approved by Moses.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Exodus 39:1  (King James Version)
And of the blue, and purple, and scarlet, they made cloths of service, to do service in the holy place, and made the holy garments for Aaron; as the LORD commanded Moses.

the blue
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holy place
Psalms 93:5 ; Ezekiel 43:12 ; Hebrews 9:12 Hebrews 9:25

the holy
28:2-4 31:10 Ezekiel 42:14