Ezekiel 40:10

Overview - Ezekiel 40
The time, manner, and end of the vision of the city and temple.
The description of the east gate of the outer court;
20 of the north gate;
24 of the south gate;
27 of the south gate of the inner court;
32 of the east gate;
35 and of the north gate.
39 Eight tables.
44 The chambers.
48 The porch of the house.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Ezekiel 40:10  (King James Version)
And the little chambers of the gate eastward were three on this side, and three on that side; they three were of one measure: and the posts had one measure on this side and on that side.

the little

they three
The entrance into the outer court seems to have been through a porch with doors at both ends; and on each side of this porch were three small chambers, or rooms, for the use of the porters, a reed square in size, with a passage of five cubits between them. The common cubit, termed the "cubit of a man," ( Deuteronomy 3:11, ,)was about 18 Deuteronomy 18 ; inches; but the cubit used by the
angel was, as we learn from ch. 43:13 "a cubit and a hand breadth," or about three inches more than the common cubit, that is 21 ; inches. Hence the measuring reed, which was "six cubits long, by the cubit and the hand breadth," (ver. 5,) must have been about 10 feet