Ezekiel 40:22

Overview - Ezekiel 40
The time, manner, and end of the vision of the city and temple.
The description of the east gate of the outer court;
20 of the north gate;
24 of the south gate;
27 of the south gate of the inner court;
32 of the east gate;
35 and of the north gate.
39 Eight tables.
44 The chambers.
48 The porch of the house.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Ezekiel 40:22  (King James Version)
And their windows, and their arches, and their palm trees, were after the measure of the gate that looketh toward the east; and they went up unto it by seven steps; and the arches thereof were before them.

palm trees
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and they
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before them
Or, "suitable to them," that is, to the arches of the east gate. The north gate into the outward court, and every thing belonging to it, were exactly the same as the east gate.