Ezekiel 47:12

Overview - Ezekiel 47
The vision of the holy waters.
The virtue of them.
13 The borders of the land.
22 The division of it by lot.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Ezekiel 47:12  (King James Version)
And by the river upon the bank thereof, on this side and on that side, shall grow all trees for meat, whose leaf shall not fade, neither shall the fruit thereof be consumed: it shall bring forth new fruit according to his months, because their waters they issued out of the sanctuary: and the fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine.

by the river
7 ; Psalms 92:12 ; Isaiah 60:21 ; 61:3

Hebrew come up. trees for meat.
Probably, believers, "trees of righteousness," who still bring forth, "fruit unto holiness," and "whose end is eternal life."

Job 8:16 ; Psalms 1:3 ; Jeremiah 17:8

or, principal. medicine. or, bruises and sores.
Isaiah 1:6 ; Jeremiah 8:22 ; Revelation 22:2