Ezra 2:3

Overview - Ezra 2
The number that return of the people;
36 of the priests;
40 of the Levites;
43 of the Nethinims;
55 of Solomon's servants;
61 of the priests who could not shew their pedigree.
64 The whole number of them, with their substance.
68 Their oblations.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Ezra 2:3  (King James Version)
The children of Parosh, two thousand an hundred seventy and two.

The word children, in this table, when prefixed to the name of a man, signifies the descendants of that person, as from ver. 3-21; and when prefixed to the name of a town, place, etc., it
signifies the inhabitants of that place, as from ver 21-25.


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