Ezra 7:14

Overview - Ezra 7
Ezra goes up to Jerusalem.
11 The gracious commission of Artaxerxes to Ezra.
27 Ezra blesses God for this favour.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Ezra 7:14  (King James Version)
Forasmuch as thou art sent of the king, and of his seven counsellors, to enquire concerning Judah and Jerusalem, according to the law of thy God which is in thine hand;

of the king
Chal. from before the king. seven counsellors.
Seven princes of Persia having conspired against and slain the usurper Smerdis, and thus made way for the family of Darius, which afterwards filled the throne, the Persian kings of this race had always seven chief princes as their counsellors, who possessed peculiar privileges, were his chief assistants in the government, and by whose advice all the public affairs of the empire were transacted. The names of these counsellors are given in the parallel place of the book of Esther.
Esther 1:14

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thy God
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