Genesis 29:9

Overview - Genesis 29
Jacob comes to the well of Haran.
He becomes acquainted with Rachel.
13 Laban entertains him.
18 Jacob covenants for Rachel.
23 He is deceived by Laban with Leah.
28 He marries also Rachel, and serves for her seven years more.
32 Leah bears Reuben;
33 Simeon;
34 Levi;
35 and Judah.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Genesis 29:9  (King James Version)
And while he yet spake with them, Rachel came with her father's sheep: for she kept them.

24:15 Exodus 2:15 Exodus 2:16 Exodus 2:21 ; Song of Solomon 1:7 Song of Solomon 1:8

for she kept them
In those primitive times, a pastoral life was not only considered useful but honourable: nor was it beneath the dignity of the daughters of the most opulent chiefs to carry water from the well, or tend the sheep. Jacob, Moses, and David were shepherds.