Genesis 47:28

Overview - Genesis 47
Joseph presents his father, and five of his brethren before Pharaoh.
11 He gives them habitation and maintenance.
13 He gets the Egyptians' money;
16 their cattle;
18 and their lands, except the priests', to Pharaoh.
23 He restores the land for a fifth.
28 Jacob's age.
29 He swears Joseph to bury him with his fathers.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Genesis 47:28  (King James Version)
And Jacob lived in the land of Egypt seventeen years: so the whole age of Jacob was an hundred forty and seven years.

M. 2315. B.C. 1689. seventeen.

the whole age
Hebrew the days of the years of his life.
8 *marg:
9 ; Psalms 90:10 Psalms 90:12 ; 119:84