Isaiah 49:17

Overview - Isaiah 49
Christ being sent to the Jews, complains of them.
He is sent to the Gentiles with gracious promises.
13 God's love is perpetual to his church.
18 The ample restoration of the church.
24 The powerful deliverance out of captivity.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Isaiah 49:17  (King James Version)
Thy children shall make haste; thy destroyers and they that made thee waste shall go forth of thee.

51:18-20 62:5 Ezra 1:5 ; Nehemiah 2:4-9 Nehemiah 2:17 ; Ezekiel 28:24

Or, by a slight change of the points, "Thy builders shall make haste:" those appointed to build the city and walls of Zion, shall speedily begin and accomplish the work.

thy destroyers
19 ; Isaiah 51:13 Isaiah 51:22 Isaiah 51:23