Jeremiah 17:26

Overview - Jeremiah 17
The captivity of Judah for her sin.
Trust in man is cursed;
in God is blessed.
The deceitful heart cannot deceive God.
12 The salvation of God.
15 The prophet complains of the mockers of his prophecy.
19 He is sent to renew the covenant in hallowing the sabbath.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Jeremiah 17:26  (King James Version)
And they shall come from the cities of Judah, and from the places about Jerusalem, and from the land of Benjamin, and from the plain, and from the mountains, and from the south, bringing burnt offerings, and sacrifices, and meat offerings, and incense, and bringing sacrifices of praise, unto the house of the LORD.

from the cities
32:44 33:13 Joshua 15:21-63

the plain
Zechariah 7:7

bringing burnt
Leviticus 1:1-7:38 ; Ezra 3:3-6 Ezra 3:11

sacrifices of
33:11 Psalms 107:22 ; 116:17 Hebrews 13:15 ; 1 Peter 2:5 1 Peter 2:9 1 Peter 2:10 ; Revelation 1:5