Job 28:25

Overview - Job 28
There is a knowledge of natural things.
12 But wisdom is an excellent gift of God.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Job 28:25  (King James Version)
To make the weight for the winds; and he weigheth the waters by measure.

To make the weight, etc
God has given an atmosphere to the earth, which, possessing a certain degree of gravity perfectly suited to the necessities of all animals, vegetables, and fluids, should be the cause, in His hands, of preserving animal and vegetable life; for by it the blood circulates in the veins of animals, and the juices in the tubes of vegetables. Without this atmospheric pressure there could be no respiration; and the elasticity of the particles of air in animal and vegetable bodies, would rupture the vessels in which they are contained, and destroy both kinds of life.
Psalms 135:7 ; Isaiah 40:12

he weigheth
He has exactly proportioned the aqueous surface of the earth to the terrene parts, for the purpose of evaporation, etc.