Job 30:4

Overview - Job 30
Job's honour is turned into extreme contempt;
15 and his prosperity into calamity.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Job 30:4  (King James Version)
Who cut up mallows by the bushes, and juniper roots for their meat.

The Hebrew {malluch,} in Arabic, {malluch,} and in Syriac {mallucho,} is probably the [Lalima or Lalimos] of the Greeks,
and {halimus} of the Romans, which Dioscorides describes as a kind of bramble, without thorns, the leaves of which are boiled and eaten.* juniper roots.
The Hebrew {rothem,} in Arabic, {ratim,} and in Spanish, {retama,} most probably signifies the {genista} or broom,
which is very abundant in the deserts of Arabia.* for their meat.
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