Job 39:26

Overview - Job 39
Of the wild goats and hinds.
Of the wild ass.
The unicorn.
13 The peacock, stork, and ostrich.
19 The horse.
26 The hawk.
27 The eagle.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Job 39:26  (King James Version)
Doth the hawk fly by thy wisdom, and stretch her wings toward the south?

the hawk
{Netz,} Arabic {naz,} Latin {nisus,} the hawk, so called from
{natzah,} to shoot away, fly, because of the rapidity of its flight. It probably comprehends various species of the falcon family, as the ger-falcon, goshawk, and sparrowhawk.
Leviticus 16:11 ; Deuteronomy 14:15

Is it through thy teaching that the falcon, or any other bird of passage, knows the precise time for taking flight, and the direction in which she is to go to arrive at a warmer climate?
Solomon 2:12 ; Jeremiah 8:7