Joshua 13:27

Overview - Joshua 13
The bounds of the land not yet conquered.
The inheritance of the two tribes and half.
14 The Lord and his sacrifices are the inheritance of Levi.
15 The bounds of the inheritance of Reuben.
22 Balaam slain.
24 The bounds of the inheritance of Gad;
29 and of the half tribe of Manasseh.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Joshua 13:27  (King James Version)
And in the valley, Betharam, and Bethnimrah, and Succoth, and Zaphon, the rest of the kingdom of Sihon king of Heshbon, Jordan and his border, even unto the edge of the sea of Chinnereth on the other side Jordan eastward.

A city near mount Peor, and not far from the entrance of the Jordan into the Dead Sea; rebuilt and called Livias by Herod, in honour of Livia, wife of Augustus.
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