Joshua 15:1

Overview - Joshua 15
The borders of the lot Judah.
13 Caleb's portion and conquest.
16 Othniel, for his valour, hath Achsah, Caleb's daughter, to wife.
18 She obtains a blessing of her father.
21 The cities of Judah.
63 The Jebusites unconquered.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Joshua 15:1  (King James Version)
This then was the lot of the tribe of the children of Judah by their families; even to the border of Edom the wilderness of Zin southward was the uttermost part of the south coast.

M. 2561. B.C. 1443. An. Ex. Is. 48. This then was the
lot. The geography of the sacred writings presents many difficulties, occasioned by the changes which Canaan has undergone, especially for the last Joshua 15:2 Joshua 15:000 ; years. Many of the ancient towns and villages have had their names so totally changed that their former appellations are no longer discernible; several lie buried under their own ruins, and others have been so long destroyed that not a vestige of them remains. On these accounts it is very difficult to ascertain the precise situation of many places mentioned in these chapters; but this cannot in any measure affect the truth of the narrative.
14:2 Numbers 26:55 Numbers 26:56

even to the
Numbers 33:36 Numbers 33:37 ; 34:3-5 Ezekiel 47:19