Joshua 18:25

Overview - Joshua 18
The tabernacle is set up at Shiloh.
The remainder of the land is described, and divided into seven parts.
10 Joshua distributes it by lot.
11 The lot and border of Benjamin.
21 Their cities.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Joshua 18:25  (King James Version)
Gibeon, and Ramah, and Beeroth,

9:17 10:2 1 Kings 3:4 1 Kings 3:5 ; 9:2 Isaiah 28:21

Situated, according to Eusebius, six miles from Jerusalem towards Bethel; though Jerome places it near Gaba, seven miles from Jerusalem.
1 Samuel 1:1

7:17 15:34 Jeremiah 31:15 ; Matthew 27:57

Eusebius says Beeroth was seven miles from Jerusalem, towards Nicopolis or Emmaus. Jerome, however, reads Neapolis or Shechem; but Reland prefers the former.