Joshua 19:42

Overview - Joshua 19
The lot of Simeon;
10 of Zebulun;
17 of Issachar;
24 of Asher;
32 of Naphtali;
40 of Dan.
49 The children of Israel give an inheritance to Joshua.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Joshua 19:42  (King James Version)
And Shaalabbin, and Ajalon, and Jethlah,

Eusebius calls it [Salaba,] and places it in Samaria: and Jerome calls it Salebi, (Eze 48,) and joins it to Ajalon and Emmaus.
Judges 1:35

This appears to be the Ajalon which Jerome places two miles from Nicopolis or Emmaus, in the road to Jerusalem.
10:12 21:24 1 Samuel 14:31