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Joshua 21:35

Overview - Joshua 21
Eight and forty cities given by lot, out of the other tribes, unto the Levites.
43 God gives the land, and rest unto the Israelites, according to his promise.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Joshua 21:35  (King James Version)
Dimnah with her suburbs, Nahalal with her suburbs; four cities.

This and the following verse are wholly omitted by the Masora, and many Hebrew Bibles which are esteemed very highly; though, without them, neither the twelve cities of the Merarites in particular (ver. 40,) nor the forty-eight Levitical cities in general (ver. 41), nor the six cities of refuge, can be made up. But these two verses, are thus absolutely necessary for the truth and consistency of this chapter, are happily preserved in no less than 149 MSS
collated by Dr. Kennicott, and upwards of 40 collated by De Rossi.

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