Joshua 24:33

Overview - Joshua 24
Joshua assembles the tribes at Shechem.
A brief history of God's benefits, from Terah.
14 He renews the covenant between them and God.
26 A stone the witness of the covenant.
29 Joshua's age, death, and burial.
32 Joseph's bones are buried.
33 Eleazar dies.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Joshua 24:33  (King James Version)
And Eleazar the son of Aaron died; and they buried him in a hill that pertained to Phinehas his son, which was given him in mount Ephraim.

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Judges 20:28
The Book of Joshua is one of the most important documents in theOld Testament. The rapid conquest of the Promised Land, and theactual settlement of the Israelites in it, afford a strikingaccomplishment of the Divine predictions to Abraham and thesucceeding patriarchs; and at the same time bear the mostunequivocal and ample testimony to the authenticity of thissacred book. Several of the transactions related in it areconfirmed in a very extraordinary manner, by the traditionscurrent among heathen nations, and preserved by ancient profanehistorians of undoubted character. Thus there are monumentsstill in existence, which prove that the Carthaginians were acolony of Syrians who escaped from Joshua; as also that theinhabitants of Leptis, in Africa, came originally from theSidonians, who abandoned their country on account of thecalamities with which it was overwhelmed. Procopius relatesthat the Phoenicians fled before the Hebrews into Africa, andspread themselves abroad as far as the pillars of Hercules; andadds, "In Numidia, where now stands the city Tigisis (Tangiers),they have erected two columns, on which, in Phoeniciancharacters, is the following inscription:--"We are thePhoenicians who fled from the face of Jesus (Joshua) the son ofNaue" (Nun).