Joshua 4:9

Overview - Joshua 4
Twelve men are appointed to take twelve stones for a memorial out of Jordan.
Twelve other stones are set up in the midst of Jordan.
10 The people pass over.
14 God magnifies Joshua.
15 The priests commanded to come out of Jordan.
20 The twelve stones are pitched in Gilgal.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Joshua 4:9  (King James Version)
And Joshua set up twelve stones in the midst of Jordan, in the place where the feet of the priests which bare the ark of the covenant stood: and they are there unto this day.

set up twelve
Exodus 24:12 ; 28:21 1 Kings 18:31 ; Psalms 111:2-4

and they are there
These words might be written by Joshua at the close of his life, or perhaps be added by some later prophet. It seems from this verse, that there were two sorts of stones erected as a memorial of this great event: twelve at Gilgal (ver. 20,) and twelve in the bed of the Jordan; which last might
have been placed on a base of strong stone work, so high as always to be visible, and serve to mark the very spot where the priests stood with the ark Drs. Kennicott and Shuckford, however, would read here with the Syriac, {mittoch,} "from the midst," instead of {bethoch,} "in the midst;" and render, "And Joshua took up the twelve stones (taken) from the midst of Jordan," etc
But this reading is unsupported by any MS. yet collated; and it appears wholly unnecessary.
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Matthew 28:15