Jude 1:25

Overview - Jude 1
He exhorts them to be constant in the profession of the faith.
False teachers are crept in to seduce them, for whose evil doctrine and manners horrible punishment is prepared;
20 whereas the godly, by the assistance of the Holy Spirit, and prayers to God, may persevere, and grow in grace, and keep themselves, and recover others out of the snares of those deceivers.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Jude 1:25  (King James Version)
To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.

the only
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be glory
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St. Jude, says Origen, has written an Epistle in a few linesindeed, but full of vigorous expressions of heavenlygrace.--[Ioudas men egrapsen epistolen oligostichonmen pepleromenende ouraniou charitos erromenon logon.]He briefly and forcibly represents the detestable doctrines andpractices of certain false teachers, generally supposed to bethe impure Gnostics, Nicolaitans and followers of Simon Magus;and reproves these profligate perverters of sound principles,and patrons of lewdness, with a holy indignation and justseverity; while at the same time he exhorts all soundChristians, with genuine apostolic charity, to have tendercompassion on these deluded wretches, and to endeavourvigorously to reclaim them from the ways of hell, and pluck themas brands out of the fire. There is a great similarity insentiment and style between this Epistle and the second chapterof the second Epistle of Peter. Both writers are nearly alikein vehemence and holy indignation against impudence andlewdness, and against those who insidiously undermine chastity,purity, and sound principles.
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