Judges 2:16

Overview - Judges 2
An angel rebukes the people at Bochim.
The wickedness of the new generation after Joshua.
14 God's anger and pity towards them.
20 The Canaanites left to prove Israel.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Judges 2:16  (King James Version)
Nevertheless the LORD raised up judges, which delivered them out of the hand of those that spoiled them.

M. 2591-2909. B.C. 1413-1095. the Lord.
Judges 3:9 Judges 3:10 Judges 3:15 4:5 6:14 1 Samuel 12:11 ; Acts 13:20

The {shophetim} were not judges in the usual sense of the term; but were heads or chiefs of the Israelites, raised up on extraordinary occasions, who directed and ruled the nation with sovereign power, administered justice, made peace or war, and led the armies over whom they presided. Officers with the same power, and nearly the same name, were established in New Tyre, after the termination of the regal state; and the Carthaginian Suffetes, the Athenian Archons, and the Roman Dictators, appear to have been nearly the same.

Hebrew saved.
Nehemiah 9:27 ; Psalms 106:43-45

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