Lamentations 4:8

Overview - Lamentations 4
Zion bewails her pitiful estate.
13 She confesses her sins.
21 Edom is threatened and Zion comforted.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Lamentations 4:8  (King James Version)
Their visage is blacker than a coal; they are not known in the streets: their skin cleaveth to their bones; it is withered, it is become like a stick.

5:10 Job 30:17-19 Job 30:30 ; Joel 2:6 ; Nahum 2:10

blacker than a coal
Hebrew darker than blackness.
Or, as Dr. Blayney renders, "duskier than the dawn;" {shachar} signifying "the dawn of the day, when it is neither
light nor dark, but between both, at which time objects are not easily distinguished."* they.
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their skin
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