Leviticus 19:5

Overview - Leviticus 19
A repetition of sundry laws.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Leviticus 19:5  (King James Version)
And if ye offer a sacrifice of peace offerings unto the LORD, ye shall offer it at your own will.

a sacrifice
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Ephesians 2:13 Ephesians 2:14

ye shall
1:3 Leviticus 22:19 Leviticus 22:23 Leviticus 22:29

your own will
The Hebrews had several kinds of offerings, which they called {corban}. Some were free-will offerings, and others were of
obligation. The first fruits, the tenths, the sin-offerings, were of obligation; the peace-offerings, vows, offerings of oil, wine, bread, and other things which were made to the temple, or to the ministers of the Lord, were offerings of devotion; these constituted the greater part. They indeed were a shadow of good things to come, which we enjoy in full fruition through THE ONE great SACRIFICE, even Jesus Christ.