Leviticus 4:12

Overview - Leviticus 4
The sin offering of ignorance;
for the priest;
13 for the congregation;
22 for the ruler;
27 for any of the people;
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Leviticus 4:12  (King James Version)
Even the whole bullock shall he carry forth without the camp unto a clean place, where the ashes are poured out, and burn him on the wood with fire: where the ashes are poured out shall he be burnt.

without the camp
Hebrew to without the camp.
This was intended, figuratively, to express the enormity of this sin, and the availableness of the atonement. The sacrifice, as having the sin of the priest transferred from himself to it, by his confession and imposition of hands, was become unclean and abominable, and was carried, as it were, out of God's sight; and thus its own offensiveness was removed, with the sin of the person in whose behalf it was offered.
13:46 Numbers 5:3 ; 15:35 19:3

the ashes
Leviticus 6:10 Leviticus 6:11

burn him
Exodus 29:14 ; Numbers 19:5 ; Hebrews 13:11

where the ashes are poured out
Hebrew at the pouring out of
the ashes.