Leviticus 6:23

Overview - Leviticus 6
The trespass offering for sins done wittingly.
The law of the burnt offering;
14 and of the meat offering.
19 The offering at the consecration of a priest.
24 The law of the sin offering.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Leviticus 6:23  (King James Version)
For every meat offering for the priest shall be wholly burnt: it shall not be eaten.

shall be
The meat offering of the people was eaten by the priests, who typically bore and expiated their sins; but as no priest, being a sinner, could make atonement for himself, his meat offering must not be eaten, but wholly burnt on the altar, which was a typical transfer of his guilt to the great antitype who actually bore and expiated it.

it shall not be
Leviticus 6:16 Leviticus 6:17 ; 2:10