Leviticus 8:22

Overview - Leviticus 8
Moses consecrates Aaron and his sons.
14 Their sin offering.
18 Their burnt offering.
22 The ram of consecration.
31 The place and time of their consecration.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Leviticus 8:22  (King James Version)
And he brought the other ram, the ram of consecration: and Aaron and his sons laid their hands upon the head of the ram.

the ram of consecration
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"The ram of consecration" was evidently a sacrifice of peace offering though presented on a particular occasion. Part of the blood was applied, not as that of the sin offering, to the horns of the altar, but to Aaron and his sons; to the tips of their right ears, the thumbs of their right hands, and the great toes of their right feet: implying their obligation to hearken diligently to the word of God--to do his work in the best manner which they could, and to walk in his ways with steady perseverance; and also, that they could not do these things acceptably except through the atoning blood, received and applied by faith. Then part of the blood reserved upon the altar, probably in a basin for that purpose, was mingled with the holy anointing oil, and sprinkled on the garments both of Aaron and his sons, to hallow them to the Lord. "This may be looked upon as a lively representation of our purification by the blood of jesus Christ, through his Holy Spirit
"--Bp. Patrick