Luke 24:13

Overview - Luke 24
Christ's resurrection is declared by two angels to the women that come to the sepulchre.
These report it to others.
13 Christ himself appears to the two disciples that went to Emmaus;
36 afterwards he appears to the apostles, and reproves their unbelief;
47 gives them a charge;
49 promises the Holy Ghost;
50 and so ascends into heaven.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Luke 24:13  (King James Version)
And, behold, two of them went that same day to a village called Emmaus, which was from Jerusalem about threescore furlongs.

18 ; Mark 16:12 Mark 16:13

Emmaus was situated, according to the testimony both of Luke and Josephus, sixty furlongs from Jerusalem, that is, about seven miles and a half. It has generally been confounded with Emmaus, a city of Judah, afterwards called Nicopolis; but Reland has satisfactorily shown that they were distinct places; the latter, according to the old Itinerary of Palestine, being situated 10 miles from Lydda, and 22 miles from Jerusalem. D'Arvieux states, that going from Jerusalem to Rama, he took the right from the high road to Rama, at some little distance from Jerusalem, and "travelled a good league over rocks and flint stones, to the end of the valley of terebinthine trees," until he reached Emmaus; which "seems, by the ruins which surround it, to have been formerly larger that it was in our Saviour's time. The Christians, while masters of the Holy Land, re-established it a little, and built several churches. Emmaus was not worth the trouble of having come out of the way to see it."