Luke 24:34

Overview - Luke 24
Christ's resurrection is declared by two angels to the women that come to the sepulchre.
These report it to others.
13 Christ himself appears to the two disciples that went to Emmaus;
36 afterwards he appears to the apostles, and reproves their unbelief;
47 gives them a charge;
49 promises the Holy Ghost;
50 and so ascends into heaven.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Luke 24:34  (King James Version)
Saying, The Lord is risen indeed, and hath appeared to Simon.

From Mark 16:13 ,we learn that the apostles did not believe the testimony even of the two disciples from Emmaus, while it is here asserted they were saying, when they entered the room, "The Lord is risen" etc. This difficulty is removed by
rendering interrogatively, "Has the Lord risen," etc?* hath.
22:54-62 Mr 16:7 1Co 15:5