Mark 14:70

Overview - Mark 14
A conspiracy against Christ.
Precious ointment is poured on his head by a woman.
10 Judas sells his Master for money.
12 Christ himself foretells how he shall be betrayed by one of his disciples;
22 after the passover prepared, and eaten, institutes his last supper;
26 declares aforehand the flight of all his disciples, and Peter's denial.
43 Judas betrays him with a kiss.
46 He is apprehended in the garden;
53 falsely accused and impiously condemned of the Jews' council;
65 shamefully abused by them;
66 and thrice denied of Peter.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Mark 14:70  (King James Version)
And he denied it again. And a little after, they that stood by said again to Peter, Surely thou art one of them: for thou art a Galilaean, and thy speech agreeth thereto.

a little
Matthew 26:73 Matthew 26:74 ; Luke 22:59 Luke 22:60 ; John 18:26 John 18:27

Judges 12:6 ; Acts 2:7

and thy
[He lalia sou ,] "Thy dialect," or mode of speech. From various examples produced by Lightfoot, and Schoetgen, it appears that the Galileans used a very corrupt dialect and pronunciation; interchanging the gutturals, and other letters, and so blending or dividing words as to render them unintelligible, or convey a contrary sense. Thus when a Galilean would have asked, [immar le-mahn,] "whose is this lamb," he pronounced the first word so confusedly that it could not be known whether he meant [chamor, ,] "an ass,"
[chamar, ,] "wine,"
[amar, ,] "wool," or
[immar, ,] "a lamb." A certain woman
intending to say to a judge, "My lord, I had a picture which they stole; and it was so great, that if you had been placed in it, your feet would not have touched the ground," so spoiled it by her pronunciation, that her words meant, "Sir slave, I had a beam, and they stole thee away; and it was so great, that if they had hung thee on it, thy feet would not have touched the ground."