Matthew 18:24

Overview - Matthew 18
Christ warns his disciples to be humble and harmless,
to avoid offences,
10 and not to despise the little ones;
15 teaches how we are to deal with our brethren when they offend us,
21 and how oft to forgive them;
23 which he sets forth by a parable of the king that took account of his servants,
32 and punished him who shewed no mercy to his fellow.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Matthew 18:24  (King James Version)
And when he had begun to reckon, one was brought unto him, which owed him ten thousand talents.

Luke 7:41 Luke 7:42 ; 13:4 *marg:
Luke 16:5 Luke 16:7

ten thousand
[Murias talanton ,] a myriad of talents, the highest number known in Greek arithmetical notation. According to Prideaux, the Roman talent was equal to 216; ten thousand of which would amount to 2,160,000. If the Jewish talent of silver be designed, which is estimated by the same learned writer at 450., this sum amounts to 4,500,000.; but if the gold talent is meant, which is equal to 7200
, then the amount is 72,000,000. This immense sum represents our boundless obligations to God, and our utter incapacity, as sinners infinitely indebted to Divine justice, of paying one mite out of the talent.
1 Chronicles 29:7 ; Ezra 9:6 ; Psalms 38:4 ; 40:12 Psalms 130:3 Psalms 130:4

"A talent is 750 ounces of silver, which after five shillings the ounce is 187