Numbers 15:3

Overview - Numbers 15
The law of the meat offering, and the drink offering.
14 The stranger is under the same law.
17 The law of the first of the dough for an heave offering.
22 The sacrifice for sins of ignorance.
30 The punishment of presumption.
32 He that violated the sabbath is stoned.
37 The law of fringes.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Numbers 15:3  (King James Version)
And will make an offering by fire unto the LORD, a burnt offering, or a sacrifice in performing a vow, or in a freewill offering, or in your solemn feasts, to make a sweet savour unto the LORD, of the herd, or of the flock:

will make
Exodus 29:18 Exodus 29:25 Exodus 29:41 ; Leviticus 1:2 Leviticus 1:3 Leviticus 1:9 Leviticus 1:13 Leviticus 1:17 ; 10:13

a burnt
Leviticus 1:1-17

a sacrifice
Leviticus 7:16 ; 22:18-23 Deuteronomy 12:11

Hebrew separating.
Leviticus 27:2

or in a free-will
Leviticus 22:21 Leviticus 22:23 ; Deuteronomy 12:6 Deuteronomy 12:17 ; 16:10

in your
Numbers 28:16-19 Numbers 28:27 Numbers 29:1 Numbers 29:2 Numbers 29:8 Numbers 29:13-40 Leviticus 23:8 Leviticus 23:12 Leviticus 23:36 ; Deuteronomy 16:1-17

a sweet
Genesis 8:21 ; Exodus 29:18 ; Matthew 3:17 ; Ephesians 5:2 ; Philippians 4:18

the herd
Under the term {bakar,} are comprehended the ox, heifer, etc; and under {tzon,} are included sheep and goats. The animals enjoined in the Levitical law are the very same which commanded Abraham to offer
( Genesis 15:9 .) Hence it is evident, that God delivered to the patriarchs an epitome of that law which was afterwards given in detail to Moses, the essence of which consisted in its sacrifices; and these sacrifices were of clean animals, the most perfect, useful, and healthy of all that are brought under the immediate government of man. Gross feeding and ferocious animals were all excluded, as well as all birds of prey.