Philemon 1:1

Overview - Philemon 1
Paul rejoices to hear of the faith and love of Philemon, whom he desires to forgive his servant Onesimus, and lovingly to receive him again.
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Philemon 1:1  (King James Version)
Paul, a prisoner of Jesus Christ, and Timothy our brother, unto Philemon our dearly beloved, and fellowlabourer,

D. 64. A. M. 4068.

a prisoner
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The apostle in this epistle indulges in some fine paronomasais on the proper names. Thus Philemon, [Philemon ,] affectionate, or
beloved, is "our dearly beloved;" Apphia, ([Apphia from appha,] the
affectionate address of a brother or sister, according to Suidas,) is "the beloved sister," as several MSS., Vulgate, and others correctly read; Archippus, ([Archippos ,] the ruler of the horse,
for the managing of which heros were anciently famous,) is "our fellow- soldier;" and Onesimus,
([Onesimos ,] useful or profitable,)
once unprofitable, is now profitable.* and fellow labourer.
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