Psalms 104:17

Overview - Psalms 104
A meditation upon the mighty power,
and wonderful providence of God.
31 God's glory is eternal.
33 The prophet vows perpetually to praise God.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Psalms 104:17  (King James Version)
Where the birds make their nests: as for the stork, the fir trees are her house.

the birds
12 ; Jeremiah 22:23 ; Ezekiel 31:6 ; Daniel 4:21 ; Obadiah 1:4 ; Matthew 13:32

as for
Leviticus 11:19 ; Jeremiah 8:7

the stork
The stork is a species of the ardea or heron genus, about the size of a goose in its body, but when erect, about three or four feet high; its general colour is white; extremity of the wings, and small part of the head, black; legs, very long, red, and naked a great way up; the toes four, long and connected, with flat nails like those of a man; beak long, jagged, red, and somewhat compressed; the upper and under chaps both of a length, with a furrow from the nostrils: it feeds on serpents, frogs, and insects, on which account it might be deemed unclean; lays four eggs, and sits thirty days; migrates about August, and returns in spring; and is remarkable for its love to its parents, whom it never forsakes, but feeds and cherishes when old; whence it had the name {chaseedah,} which denotes kindness or piety, and stork, from the Greek [storge,] natural affection.