Psalms 107:1

Overview - Psalms 107
The psalmist exhorts the redeemed, in praising God, to observe his manifold providence,
over travellers;
10 over captives;
17 over sick men;
23 over seamen;
33 and in divers varieties of life.
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Psalms 107:1  (King James Version)
O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.

M. 3468. B.C. 536. (Title.)
The author of this Psalm is unknown; but it was evidently written to commemorate the return of the Jews from the Babylonian captivity; and it may easily be perceived that it must have been sung in alternate parts, having a double burden, or two intercalary verses often recurring
Bp. Lowth considers it as written "after the method of the ancient pastorals, where, be the subject of their verse what it will, each swain endeavours to excel the other; and one may perceive their thoughts and expressions gradually to rise upon each other." "No doubt," he adds, "the composition of this Psalm is admirable throughout; and the descriptive part of it adds at least its share of beauty to the whole; but what is most to be admired is its conciseness, and withal the expressiveness of the diction, which strikes the imagination with illimitable elegance. The weary and bewildered traveller--the miserable captive in the dungeon--the sick and dying man--the seaman foundering in a storm--are described in so affecting a manner, that they far exceed any thing of the kind, though never so much laboured."

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for his mercy
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