Psalms 70:1

Overview - Psalms 70
David solicits God to the speedy destruction of the wicked, and preservation of the godly.
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Psalms 70:1  (King James Version)
Make haste, O God, to deliver me; make haste to help me, O LORD.

M. 2983. B.C. 1021. (Title.) A Psalm.
This Psalm is almost word for word the same as the five last verses of Psalm 40; and it is written as a part of the succeeding Psalm in about 27 MSS. Both Psalms evidently appear to have been written by David during the rebellion of Absalom, and probably at the crisis when he heard of the sanguinary counsel which Ahithophel had given respecting him; or, as some suppose, when beyond Jordan.
2 Samuel 17:1-21

to bring
38:1 *title

O God
40:13-17 69:18 71:12 143:7

to help me
Hebrew to my help.