Psalms 72:1

Overview - Psalms 72
David, praying for Solomon, shews the goodness and glory of his kingdom, and in type of Christ's kingdom
18 He blesses God.
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Psalms 72:1  (King James Version)
Give the king thy judgments, O God, and thy righteousness unto the king's son.

M. 2989. B.C. 1015. (Title.) A Psalm.
This Psalm seems to have been composed by David in his last days, when he had set his beloved son on the throne. "Then," says Calmet, "transported with joy and gratitude, he addressed this Psalm to God, in which he prays Him to pour out His blessings on the young king, and upon the people. He then, wrapped up in a divine enthusiasm, ascends to a higher subject; and sings the glory of the Messiah, and the magnificence of his reign."

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127:1 *title

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the king's
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