Psalms 81:6

Overview - Psalms 81
An exhortation to a solemn praising of God.
God challenges that duty by reason of his benefits.
God, exhorting to obedience, complains of their disobedience, which proves their own hurt.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Psalms 81:6  (King James Version)
I removed his shoulder from the burden: his hands were delivered from the pots.

I removed
Exodus 1:14 ; 6:6 Isaiah 9:4 ; 10:27 Matthew 11:29

were delivered
Hebrew passed away. from the pots.
Or rather, as {dood} also signifies, (see 2 ; Ki 10:7 Jeremiah 24:2, ,}the basket: so LXX., and Symmachus, [\~kofinov\~,
kophinos,] and Vulgate and Jerome, {cophino;} and Diodati, {le sue mani si non dipartite dalle corbe,} "his hands were removed from the baskets," ie., says he in a note, {de portar la terra da far mattoni,} "from carrying earth to make bricks," Exodus 1:14 .