Jeremiah 37:1-10

Jerusalem's Last Days

1 Zedekiah son of Josiah reigned as king in the land of Judah in place of Jehoiachina son of Jehoiakim, for Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon made him king.
2 He and his officers and the people of the land did not obey the words of the Lord that He spoke through Jeremiah the prophet.
3 Nevertheless, King Zedekiah sent Jehucalb son of Shelemiah and Zephaniahc son of Maaseiah, the priest, to Jeremiah the prophet, requesting, "Please pray to the Lord our God for us!"
4 Jeremiah was going about his daily tasksd among the people, for they had not [yet] put him into the prison.
5 Pharaoh's army had left Egypt, and when the Chaldeans, who were besieging Jerusalem, heard the report, they withdrew from Jerusalem.
6 The word of the Lord came to Jeremiah the prophet:
7 "This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: This is what you will say to Judah's king, who is sending you to inquire of Me: Watch: Pharaoh's army, which has come out to help you, is going to return to its own land of Egypt.
8 The Chaldeans will then return and fight against this city. They will capture it and burn it down.e
9 This is what the Lord says: Don't deceive yourselves by saying: The Chaldeans will leave us for good, for they will not leave.
10 Indeed, if you were to strike down the entire Chaldean army that is fighting with you, and there remained among them only the badly woundedf men, each in his tent, they would get up and burn this city down."