Job 6

Job's Reply to Eliphaz

1 Then Job answered:
2 If only my grief could be weighed and my devastation placed with it on a scale.a
3 For then it would outweigh the sand of the seas! That is why my words are rash.
4 Surely the arrows of the Almighty have piercedb me; my spirit drinks their poison. God's terrors are arrayed against me.c
5 Does a wild donkey bray over fresh grass or an ox low over its fodder?
6 Is bland food eaten without salt? Is there flavor in an egg white?d
7 I refuse to touch [them]; they are like contaminated food.e
8 If only my request would be granted and God would provide what I hope for:
9 that He would decide to crush me, to unleash His power and cut me off!
10 It would still bring me comfort, and I would leap for joy in unrelenting pain that I have not deniedf the words of the Holy One.g
11 What strength do I have that I should continue to hope? What is my future, that I should be patient?
12 Is my strength that of stone, or my flesh made of bronze?
13 Since I cannot help myself, [the hope for] success has been banished from me.
14 A despairing man should receive loyalty from his friends,hi even if he abandons the fear of the Almighty.
15 My brothers are as treacherous as a wadi, as seasonal streams that overflow
16 and become darkenedj because of ice, and the snow melts into them.
17 The wadis evaporate in warm weather; they disappear from their channels in hot weather.
18 Caravans turn away from their routes, go up into the desert, and perish.
19 The caravans of Tema look [for these streams]. The traveling merchants of Sheba hope for them.
20 They are ashamed because they had been confident [of finding water]. When they arrive there, they are frustrated.k
21 So [this] is what you have now become [to me].l When you see something dreadful, you are afraid.
22 Have I ever said: Give me [something] or Pay a bribe for me from your wealth
23 or Deliver me from the enemy's power or Redeem me from the grasp of the ruthless?
24 Teach me, and I will be silent. Help me understand what I did wrong.
25 How painful honest words can be!m But what does your rebuke prove?
26 Do you think that you can disprove [my] words or that a despairing man's words are [mere] wind?n
27 No doubt you would cast [lots] for a fatherless child and negotiate a price to [sell] your friend.o
28 But now, please look at me; would I lie to your face?p
29 Reconsider; don't be unjust. Reconsider; my righteousness is still the issue.q
30 Am I lying, or can Ir not recognize lies?s
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