Proverbs 31:28

28 Her sons rise up and call her blessed. Her husband also praises her:

Proverbs 31:28 Meaning and Commentary

Proverbs 31:28

Her children arise up
As olive plants around her table; grow up to maturity of age, and ripeness of judgment, and so capable of observing things, and doing the work here ascribed to them: or they rise up in reverence of her, and respect to her, suitable to the relation they stand in to her: or rather it signifies their readiness to show a regard unto her, and their setting about the work of commendation of her in earnest: or else their earliness in doing it; they rise in the morning, as Aben Ezra's note is; her lamp not being extinct in the night. Jarchi interprets these "children" of disciples; but they are to be understood of regenerate persons, young converts, born in Zion, and brought up by her; the children of that Jerusalem that is the mother of us all, ( Isaiah 54:1 ) ( Galatians 4:26 ) ; and call her blessed;
bless God for her, for such a mother, and wish themselves as happy as she is; they pray for her blessedness, peace, and prosperity, as all Zion's children should, ( Psalms 122:6-9 ) ; they pronounce her blessed, as well they may, since she is blessed with all spiritual blessings in Christ; and so are all in her family that truly belong to her, her children and her servants, ( Psalms 84:4 ) ( 1 Kings 10:8 ) ; see ( Song of Solomon 6:9 ) ; her husband [also], and he praiseth her;
that is, he is ready also to rise up and speak in her praise and commendation. Jarchi says this is the holy blessed God. Christ is the church's husband, who is her Maker; (See Gill on Proverbs 31:23); he praises her for her beauty, though she owes it all to him; for her comely parts and gracefulness, which he describes with wonder; for her dress, her garments, though they are his own; for her faith, love, humility, and other graces, though they are his gifts; see ( Song of Solomon 1:8 Song of Solomon 1:10 Song of Solomon 1:15 ) ( 4:1-11 ) ( 7:1-7 ) .

Proverbs 31:28 In-Context

26 She opens her mouth with wisdom, and loving instruction is on her tongue.
27 She watches over the activities of her household and is never idle.
28 Her sons rise up and call her blessed. Her husband also praises her:
29 "Many women are capable, but you surpass them all!"
30 Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord will be praised.
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