Psalms 88:2

2 May my prayer reach Your presence; listen to my cry.

Psalms 88:2 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 88:2

Let my prayer come before thee
Not before men, as hypocrites desire, but before the Lord; let it not be shut out, but be admitted; and let it come with acceptance, as it does when it ascends before God, out of the hands of the angel before the throne, perfumed with the much incense of his mediation, ( Revelation 8:3 Revelation 8:4 ) ,

incline thine ear unto my cry;
hearken to it, receive it, and give an answer to it; Christ's prayers were attended with strong crying, and were always received and heard, ( Hebrews 5:7 ) ( John 11:41 John 11:42 ) .

Psalms 88:2 In-Context

1 Lord, God of my salvation, I cry out before You day and night.
2 May my prayer reach Your presence; listen to my cry.
3 For I have had enough troubles, and my life is near Sheol.
4 I am counted among those going down to the Pit. I am like a man without strength,
5 abandoned among the dead. I am like the slain lying in the grave, whom You no longer remember, and who are cut off from Your care.
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