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Appeal. [N] [E]

The principle, of appeal was recognized by the Mosaic law in the establishment of a central court under the presidency of the judge or ruler for the time being, before which all cased too difficult for the local court were to be tried. ( deuteronomy 17:8 deuteronomy 17:9 ) According to the above regulation, the appeal lay in the time of the Judges to the judge, ( Judges 4:5 ) and under the monarchy to the king. Jehoshaphat delegated his judicial authority to a court permanently established for the purpose. ( 2 Chronicles 19:8 ) These courts were re-established by Ezra. ( Ezra 7:25 ) After the institution of the Sanhedrin the final appeal lay to them. St. Paul, as a Roman citizen, exercized a right of appeal from the jurisdiction of the local court at Jerusalem to the emperor. ( Acts 25:11 )

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