Furnace. [N] [E]

Various kinds of furnaces are noticed in the Bible, such as a smelting or calcining furnace, ( Genesis 19:28 ; Exodus 9:8 Exodus 9:10 ; 19:18 ) especially a lime-kiln, ( Isaiah 33:12 ; Amos 2:1 ) a refining furnace, ( Proverbs 17:3 ) Nebuchadnezzars furnace, a large furnace built like a brick-kiln, ( Daniel 3:22 Daniel 3:23 ) with two openings one at the top for putting in the materials, and another below for removing them; the potters furnace, Ecclus. 27:5; The blacksmiths furnace. Ecclus. 38:28. The Persians were in the habit of using the furnace as a means of inflicting punishment. ( Daniel 3:22 Daniel 3:23 ; Jeremiah 29:22 )

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